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Frequently Asked Questions

What Identification Is Necessary To Enter Canada?

passports are required to return into the states.

What identification is necessary for children to enter Canada?

U.S. and Canadian citizens ages 15 or younger with parental consent will be allowed to cross the borders with certified copies of their birth certificates rather than passports.


What Goods Can I Bring Into Canada?

Personal Baggage

Travellers may bring a reasonable amount of personal effects, food, a tank of gas, etc. If you are going to be carrying large amounts of food contact the Canada Border Services Agency [] before you begin your trip.


Gifts not exceeding $60 Cdn for a friend or relative living in Canada are duty free. This does not include tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or advertising material. Gifts more than $60 Cdn are subject to duty.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Travellers may bring up to 40 ozs (1.5 litres) of liquor or wine or 24 x 12 oz bottles of beer or ale. Any additional quantities are subject to duties and a 15% tax.

Up to 1 carton of cigarettes and 50 cigars and 1 can of tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks*

* You must be at least 19 years of age to import these goods into Ontario. Any additional alcoholic beverages or tobacco products other than those listed above are subject to duty.

For more information, call the Canada Border Services Agency at 1-800-461-9999 (within Canada) or (807) 274-3655 or visit [].


Canada has strict laws. You cannot bring most firearms or weapons into Canada (except for hunting). You cannot bring stun guns, mace or any other spray to be used against humans.

For further information on bringing a firearm into Canada, contact the Canada Border Services Agency at []


It is illegal to bring live fish, crayfish or salamanders into Ontario for use as bait. It is also illegal to bring live leeches into Ontario for use as bait, unless you are the holder of a commercial bait license. Earthworms can be brought into Ontario from the United States for use as bait provided that they are in clean bedding (not soil).


What Can I Bring Back Into The United States?

After 48 hours in Canada - $400 U.S. worth of merchandise duty free every 30 days. Families may combine their $400 exemptions.

Less than 48 hours, or if the $400 allowance or part of it has been used within the previous 30 days - an exemption of $200 U.S. is allowed.

Visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for more information.


Can I Bring My Pet Into Canada?

For U.S. visitors, all pets must be accompanied by their owners when entering Canada. Owners of cats and dogs must bring a certificate issued by a licensed American or Canadian veterinarian clearly identifying the pet and certifying that it has been vaccinated against rabies some time during the previous 36 months. For more information, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency offers basic guidelines for bring your pet into Canada.


What Are The Canadian Fishing And Hunting Regulations?

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources web site contains hunting and fishing regulations as well as information on the protection and management of the province's natural resources.


What Is The US/Canadian Currency Exchange Rate?

The current exchange rate is easy to find using the Universal Currency Converter. While traveling in Canada it is best to use Canadian cash or your U.S. credit card where the exchange rate will be automatically calculated at the current rate.


Which Measurement System Is Used In Canada?

Canada uses the metric system of weights and measures.

Speed limits are posted in kilometers (km). Speed limits on main highways are usually 90 km/hour or 55 mph. A km is approximately six tenths (0.6) of a mile.

25 mph = 40 km/hr
35 mph = 61 km/hr
50 mph = 80 km/hr
55 mph = 90 km/hr
62 mph = 100 km/hr

A litre is 0.2652 of a U.S. gallon.


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