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Sowden Lake Resort • Raven Lake Lodge • Selwyn Lake Outfitters

Sowden Lake Resort, Raven Lake Lodge & Selwyn Lake Outfitters Accomodations

Sowden Lake Resort

Sowden Lake Resort . We currently have five new units. There are 2 three bedroom cabins that will sleep 5 each,  a new deluxe cabin that will accommodate up to 11 people in extremely comfortable surroundings plus two brand new three bedroom units that will sleep 8 and 10. This resort runs on a generator 24 hours a day,  We do provide outlets in the cabins , but you'll still need to bring your own generator to energize the outlets or charge your boat batteries or anything else you need charged.  Be aware that your personal generator can not be run in the evening after 10:00 for the courtesy of the other customers.

A Frame Cabin Interior View

Raven Lake Lodge is the center piece of Kadlec Resorts. It offers four cabins, 3-two bedroom units that will sleep up to 6 people each and 1 cabin with three bedrooms that will sleep 8 people.

All cabins at both locations are fully equipped housekeeping units with spring fresh hot & cold running well water and indoor plumbing with surround tubs and showers. All new appliances, cookware and accessories are included in each cabin. Kitchen towels are supplied at all resorts.  You'll need to bring your own sleeping bags or bedding at Sowden, Selwyn & Raven.

Cabin Interior View
You will also need to bring your personal effects, bath towels, food, life jackets, bait, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and anything else you will need for your weeks stay.

 Selwyn Lake Outfitters is our newest resort being purchased in December of 2010.  We have done a lot of clean up, drilled two wells, put in a new generator and built five new cabins. Two sleep 10 each, one sleeps 8 another sleeps 7 and the last one sleeps 6. We also built a new house for us to stay in.  The five new cabins have indoor plumbing like Sowden. We do have outlets in the livingroom and kitchen which can only be energized if you bring along a small generator.  We have a cord outside that can plug into your generator and will run the outlets in the cabin so if you want to bring along electric appliances, tv, etc. you can now do so. 

Lodging Rates
2022 Lodging Rates for our beautiful cabins.
Lodging Photos
Photos of our cabins, your new home away from home.

Sowden Lake Resort
Raven Lake Lodge
Selwyn Lake Outfitters

PO Box 780, Ignace, Ontario Canada P0T1T0
(807) 986-2459
Owners: David & Gayle Kadlec