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Oct. 2018


Another season has nearly ended, just our moose hunters left. 

 It was an extremely hot and dry summer with the lake levels way down.  Fire danger was high with burning bans on and off.  Some days the smoke would be pretty thick and you could even smell it but the fires weren't all that close, thank goodness.

This fall has brought with it rain and snow so at least the lakes may be coming up slightly.  That means we better get a bunch of snow this winter or a rainy spring or we'll have trouble landing boats next year.
David is still at Sowden building a new cabin with the help of our manager at Raven and a yearly camper at Sowden.  David told Shannon she could come home early so he is watching Sowden for her. We plan on knocking down cabin 4 & 5 eventually so this is the new cabin 4 that is being built.  There will also be a ramp going into the cabin instead of steps just like cabin 3 and the deck will be covered also.
 The last new cabin at Selwyn was finished this spring and rented out for the first time in August. I'm so happy that "rustic" log cabin is gone. It's so much easier cleaning a cabin when you have running water, lol.
That's all for now.
Happy Halloween

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