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March 1st


A lot of you are already thinking Spring and getting your reservations in. I am booking up some weeks and months already so it depends on which resort whether I have availability or not so don't think you're booking too soon.

 The Ministry is doing some changes this year on buying fishing and hunting licenses and Outdoors Cards.  There will only be one Outdoor Card now so it'll work for both fishing and hunting.  If you have an existing Outdoors Card that is not expired it'll still work. There will be fewer bait stores etc. that will be selling fishing and hunting licenses. You will need to call the Outdoors Card number (800-387-7011) to find out who is still selling them in the area you will be travelling through or to. The best way to get your fishing license would be to go on line to,, and purchase your Outdoors card if you don't have one, and buy your fishing license. You will need to set up an account with your own email address for each person in your family and then print off your license and carry it with you.

If you're moose hunting in Canada and have an existing Hunting Outdoors Card, you will be able to purchase your license on line.  If not you will need to also find out who will be selling license on your way up to buy it before arriving at your camp.

The Outdoors Card people told me that you couldn't purchase your bear hunting license on line even if you had a Hunting Outdoors Card, wrong.  I just had one of my clients try it and you can purchase your bear hunting license on line of you have an existing hunting Outdoors Card. I called them back and talked to another person that said you could.  I wish they would get their information straight!!!

I know this is going to be a lot harder for some that don't have a computer or don't really know how to work one but maybe you can find a store that will be selling licenses not too far out of your way so that you can purchase it before getting to camp.

 With this all said, THINK SPRING!!

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